Pabst Blue Ribbon Vintage Serving Trays

pbrtrayOften referred to as “PBR” by a new generation of beer drinkers, Blue Ribbon has surged in popularity within the last decade. For more than twenty years before that sales were slumping. As fashion tends to move in cyclical fashion, it took some time for people to come around to this classic brew.

To give you an idea of how old this beer is, it was released at a time when real blue ribbons were tied around the neck of the bottle (from 1882 to 1916). The practicality of doing such a thing to brand the product seems absurd today but serves as an interesting reminder of how industrialization changed everything.

The Pabst logo hasn’t changed much over the brand’s long history. Most vintage beer trays prominently portray the iconic blue ribbon, often excluding any additional artwork. Slogans that were used seem bizarre to those that didn’t come of age during the era.

One collectable tray from 1981 reads “give that man a Blue Ribbon… the taste of real beer.”

Another tray features an illustration of four barbershop singers holding buckets of frothy beer. This time the slogan along the rim reads “the good old time beer.” Even back then Pabst was trumpeting its vintage status.

Probably one of the most visually striking trays have a prominent painting of a flapper (20s term for modern women) along with an ornate blue background and Blue Ribbon logo to the left of the portrait. This is the old-time equivalent of hot babe merchandise used to sell beer. The only difference is it isn’t revealing at all.

Pabst collectables are a must have for any home bar, whether you grew up drinking it in your youth or recently rediscovered it during its resurgence. It’s arguably one of the more enjoyable macro-brews out there, with a distinct corn taste (although a little flat).

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